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 Car Rental Company in both Cancun and Playa Del Carmen

I have always suggested to our guest to rent a vehicle. First it allows you to go shopping, go out to dinner and to go some sightseeing all on your own schedule. Recently many of the guests have used Blueway Car Rental and they have found really amazed rates compared to other Car Rental Companies. Blueway Car Rental is located on the Main Highway 307 both in Playa Del Carmen and by the Cancun Airport Exit; either location is only about 20 minutes from the villas. One of the reasons I suggest this company is They offer a Free Pick-Up Service; they will come to the villas and pick you up and take you to the rental location to get the vehicle and when you are done with the vehicle they will return to the villa to pick it up, saving you the cost of a taxi or the aggravation standing in line.

 Too much luggage for your Cancun Vacation?

A Good Option is to arrange a Round Trip Private Van Airport Transfer and schedule the vehicle rental a day or two after your arrival then return the vehicle a day before departure; allowing you rent a smaller size vehicle then you would need if hauling all your groups luggage from the airport, it also gives you a break if worried about finding the villas the first time.

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