Map and Driving InstructionsPlaya Del Carmen (Town) | Wal-Mart | Mega | DAC

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Wal-Mart, Mega (Comercial Mexicana), DAC (Produce & Organic Condiments)

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  • Leaving Playa Del Secreto Turn Right (North) on Highway (307), get in Left Hand Lane use U Turn to go towards Playa Del Carmen (South) - 0.6 mi
  • Continue on Highway (307) going towards Playa Del Carmen (South), when you see the Overpass stay in the right lane use the service drive, Turn Left on Consitituyentes Avenue (go under Overpass) - 13.2 mi
  • Wal-Mart: Turn right onto 30th Avenue - 2.5 mi, Turn Left onto 12th Avenue then Right onto 30 Avenue (your circling around the back of Wal-Mart so you can enter the side Parking Area entrance)
  • MEGA: Is right on the corner of Consitituyentes Avenue and 30th Avenue
  • DAC: Turn Left onto 30th Avenue it's 100 feet past intersection on Right Hand Side (parking is always difficult but the produce and Fresh breads are worth it!
PDF of Google maps and Driving directions to Grocery Stores in Cancun and Playa del Carmen