Map and Driving Instructions to Ibis Hotel, CancunSuperama (food only Wal-Mart)

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Ibis Hotel, CancunSuperama (food only Wal-Mart)

  • Leaving Playa Del Secreto Turn Right (North) on Highway (307) going towards Cancun (North)
  • You will go over 2 Overpasses and pass the Cancun Airport Exit - 18.1 mi
  • You will then come to an Underpass, keep going straight, till you get to the Roundabout(traffic circle/glorieta)- 7.6 mi
  • Using the Roundabout go straight you will see the BMW dealer on the right side, continue straight
  • You will pass Hospital Galenia (Right Side) and Dubai Palace Casino (Left Side) right after the Casino you come to another Roundabout you will see the Ibis Hotel and Superama on the Right Side - 3.8 mi
  • There is parking under the Building with an Escalator for shopping carts to go up and down, or they have Valet Parking.
  • FYI: There is also a Pharmacy next to the grocery store and an Italian Restaurant named Pioli, try their Homemade Gnocchi and a Basil Martini!
PDF of Google maps and Driving directions to Grocery Stores in Cancun and Playa del Carmen